Trophy Whitetail Hunt Prices

We are committed to provide an all-around great hunting experience that you will remember forever. Offering the opportunity to chase big bodied and best looking typical and non-typical whitetails that IL has to offer, call today to book your hunt!

All hunts are fully guided; with 1 guide per hunter. Guide will determine and communicate the caliber of the bucks you see to ensure you get the trophy you're after.


150" up to 159"
160" - 179"
180" - 199"
200" - 230"
230" - 260"

All bucks are gross scored using the SCI scoring system.

Call for pricing on bucks 260"+

Bucks that gross score over 180" and have less than 15% non-typical points are subject to special pricing. Call for details.

  • Fully guided 1 on 1 hunt
  • Liceneses and tags
  • Lodging and meals
  • Field dress, skin & cape your harvest

Terms & Conditions

Management and Bronze hunts require a $500 non-refundable booking deposit deposit/per hunter. Silver, Gold and Platinum hunts require a $1,000 non-refundable booking deposit/per hunter. (deposit can be paid with check or credit card). Balance is to be paid after the hunt is complete (balance can be paid with cash or check, we do not accept credit card for paying the balanace of the hunt). Checks should be payable to Genesis Whitetails.

The price of the hunt is based on the caliber of buck harvested. All bucks are gross scored using the SCI scoring system.

Hunts are not guaranteed. If your hunt is unsuccessful, you will owe nothing more than the initial booking deposit; which can be used as a credit towards a future hunt.

You will be responsible for payment on any animal you draw blood on; we will track and recover all wounded animals.

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